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Dunst[1] is a detective.


Season 1

Dunst and his partner, Russo track down Jimmy McGill and bring him to Nacho, who is being held in an interrogation room on the account of kidnapping the Kettlemans. After Jimmy talks with Nacho, Jimmy, Dunst, Russo and Kim go to the Kettleman's house. Jimmy looks around and quickly comes to the conclusion that the Kettlemans were not kidnapped. Dunst and Russo do not believe Jimmy. Later on, after Jimmy assaults Mike, the two detectives urge Mike to press assault charges against Jimmy so that they can leverage him to testify against Nacho. Mike initially goes along with the deal, but after hearing what Jimmy has to say, he cancels out of it. ("Nacho")

Dunst releases Nacho and tells him that they'll be keeping an eye on him. ("Hero")


Better Call Saul

Season 1


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