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Dr. Delcavoli
Portrayed byDavid House


EthnicityAfrican American

StatusAlive, Active


First Appearance"Cancer Man"

Last Appearance"ABQ"

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Dr. Delcavoli was Walter White's physician and one of the top ten oncologists in the United States. He successfully oversaw Walt's initial treatment for lung cancer.


Season 1

His services were not covered by Walter's insurance, which was the main reason why so many of Walter's friends and family pitched in to provide financial assistance. Little did they know that he was able to cover the costs by producing and selling his Blue Sky meth.

Season 2

Dr. Delcavoli managed Walt's cancer treatment, meeting with him regularly. He seemed baffled by Walt's supposed "fugue state," but despite Walt's suggestion that his cancer medications might have played a role, Dr. Delcavoli continued the treatment. Walter's cancer eventually shrinks and goes into remission.

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