Don Eladio's Hacienda was the home of Juárez Cartel boss, Don Eladio Vuente.


Season 4

In 1989[1], Gustavo Fring and Max Arciniega meet with Don Eladio, Hector Salamanca and Juan Bolsa at the hacienda. Before Eladio arrived, Hector urinated in the pool and Bolsa chided him for it. The meeting was to discuss Gus & Max's production of methamphetamine; Gus wanted Don Eladio to help fund and distribute their operation; Don Eladio had taken umbrage at the way Gus & Max had gone about getting a meeting by giving his men "free samples". Eladio had Hector kill Max but declined to kill Gus as he knew something about his past in Chile. ("Hermanos")

In order to make peace with the cartel, Gus, Mike Ehrmantraut and Jesse Pinkman were flown to Mexico to show the cartel how to cook Blue Sky and give them Jesse as their new cook. After a successful cook session, the 3 were taken to the hacienda to celebrate the peace they had made. Gus gave the Don and his capos poisoned tequila, killing most of them and Mike and Jesse killed the remaining two, Gaff and Joaquin Salamanca, before escaping. ("Salud")




  1. Don Eladio says to Gus in 2009 or 2010 "once every 20 years you forget your place," referring to the flashback and the present day. ("Salud") -- 1989. confirmed by Vince Gilligan