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Clifford Main is the founder of Davis & Main.


Season 2

Clifford meets with Jimmy McGill about getting into his law firm. Jimmy respectfully turns down the offer and walks off. The following day, Jimmy calls Davis & Main and requests to have the job opportunity back. Clifford accepts and shows him around the office. ("Switch")

When Jimmy walks out of his office room, he hears guitar tunes coming from Clifford's office who tells him, he plays it to 'blow off steam'.

Clifford calls Jimmy while on his date with Kim Wexler after his Davis & Main commercial airs and grills him over this despite the substantial amount of clientele that Jimmy managed to book for the law firm. ("Amarillo") The next day Jimmy demos the video to the firm's partners and Cliff tells him that the vote is 2-1 to fire him 'for cause' since he made a big decision without consulting with them first, but he believes everyone deserves a second chance and allows Jimmy to resume work at Davis & Main.

Jimmy begins to lose interest in his job and realizes that he cant keep his bonus if he quits but he can if he gets fired for no cause, therefore he begins to dress in colorful suits to work, bring in a loud juicer for the office kitchen, stop flushing the toilet in the washroom and then play a loud bagpipe. After that Cliff summons Jimmy to his office and tells him he knows why he is doing this and that he is fired and just wants him gone from the firm.


Better Call Saul

Season 2

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