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Caldera[1] is a veterinarian who provides criminal work for Mike Ehrmantraut.


Season 1

Mike finds Caldera who will stitch up his wound without asking too many questions. Caldera offers to refer Mike for some “work,” Mike declines and says he's not looking for that type of work. ("Five-O")

Mike visits Caldera once again, and has him examine a shelter dog he adopted. While there for the dog's examination, Mike asks the vet whether he still has the "work" available to which he previously alluded. ("RICO")

Season 2

Mike visits Caldera for the third time to inquire about more work. Dr. Caldera offers him a low-paying bodyguard job, but Mike requires more money. “You want next-level pay? You’ve got to do next-level work,” Caldera responds, mentioning that he knows a loan shark in need of an enforcer. Mike refuses to do any work requiring him to break legs, and settles for the bodyguard job instead. Later, Dr. Caldera calls Mike and offers him a “next-level” job from a guy specifically requesting Mike. ("Amarillo")


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