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Air dateAugust 18, 2013

Running time47 minutes [?]

Written byThomas Schnauz

Directed byMichelle MacLaren

"Blood Money""Confessions"

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"Buried" is the tenth episode of the fifth season of Breaking Bad and the fifty-sixth episode altogether.


An elderly man leaves his house in the dead of night and starts his pickup truck, parked in his driveway. He notices something in front of his car and investigates, discovering that the unknown object is actually a stack of cash. After inspecting the money, he sees that there are more stacks scattered across his neighbors' yards. He follows the trail of money, collecting wads of cash as he goes, and finds Jesse Pinkman listlessly spinning on a playground merry-go-round, lying on his back, his car nearby still with millions of dollars in his passenger seat.



Skyler talking with Hank.

After leaving Hank's garage, Walter tries to call Skyler but Hank already has her on the line. Walt rushes to the car wash and finds that Skyler has left. Skyler meets with Hank at Perea's New Mexican Restaurant, where he asks to record everything she knows about Walt's criminal activities. She says nothing and tells Hank that she would like a lawyer for her protection. Hank tells her that their interests are the same — to keep Marie, Skyler, Holly, and Walt Jr. safe. Skyler tries to leave but Hank stops her, grabbing her wrist. She begins to repeatedly scream, "Am I under arrest?" Eventually, Hank, thinking that Skyler isn't thinking straight, lets her leave.

Huell Babineaux and Patrick Kuby visit the storage locker and lie down on the pile of cash, savoring the moment. Huell suggests 'Mexico' and Kuby reminds him that Walt had 10 men killed in under 2 minutes. Meanwhile, Walter is going over his options with Saul Goodman, who asks if Walt has considered sending Hank to Belize. Huell and Kuby soon show up with the barrels of cash. Walt gives them a duffel bag of cash in return then drives the van to To'hajiilee, and spends the rest of the night burying the cash at the GPS coordinates +34° 59' 20.00", -106° 36' 52.00".

Marie visits Skyler at the White Residence and questions Skyler about how long she has known about Walt's

Walter buries the money.

criminal activities. Skyler sits and cries, and Marie infers that Skyler had known about Walt's crimes before Hank was shot on duty. Marie slaps her then tries to take Holly. The sisters and the baby scream and Hank enters, telling Marie to leave the child with Skyler. In the car, Marie tells Hank "you have to get him."

Walt drives home in the early morning hours and collapses on the floor as Skyler pleads with him, telling him that she didn't tell Hank anything. Hours later, he wakes up and tells Skyler he will turn himself in if she promises to not give back the money, as to not make all that he has done meaningless. She tells him that Hank has no evidence and his best course of action is to remain silent.


"Fire in the hole!"

Meanwhile, in the middle of the Arizona desert Lydia Rodarte-Quayle is driven to Declan's gangs meth lab — a buried bus under a make-shift junkyard. She inspects the facility and demands that they improve the quality of their meth because her buyer in the Czech Republic expects a better product. She suggests they take Todd back, but Declan scoffs at her. Lydia looks at her watch, presses a button on it, and soon Declan and his cook are called to the surface.  Lydia then looks at her phone and preemptively hides in a corner of the bus while gunfire breaks out. A man calls for her to come out. It is Todd, who helps her navigate through Declan's gang's corpses with her eyes closed. Todd's uncle's, Jack, and the White Supremacist gang (who previously helped Walt commit the ten prison murders in Gliding Over All) have crushed Declan's own meth operation.

Marie takes the next day off from work and urges Hank to take his evidence against Walt to the DEA. Hank tells her that the minute the DEA finds out Walt is Heisenberg, his career is over but that he wants his last act to be bringing evidence to light to incriminate his brother-in-law. He finally returns to work at the Albuquerque DEA office where Steven Gomez tells him that Pinkman has been tossing out money from his car. Hank visits an interrogation chamber and asks the officers questioning a silent Jesse to give him a couple of minutes with him. He then walks into the interrogation room alone.


Main Cast

Supporting Cast


  • Walt buries his money in "To'hajiilee", a Navajo reservation in New Mexico, and the site of his first cooking session with Jesse. ("Pilot")[1]
  • As Skyler enters the diner to meet with Hank, the word "Alibi" can be read on the magazine rack.
    • The Alibi is an alternative weekly newspaper that's been running in Albuquerque since the early-to-mid '90s. Shots showing the Alibi have been visible in previous episodes, as well.
  • The GPS coordinates +34° 59' 20.00", -106° 36' 52.00" point to the Albuquerque Studios lot. There is a D.E.A. office  about a mile up the road from the lot.
    • The lottery ticket in the kitchen has these numbers disguised as lottery number selections, with zeros in front of the less-than-one-hundred numbers.
  • A shot in the montage where Walt buries the drums bears resemblance to the closing shot from "Crawl Space". In both shots, Walt is framed by props, he looks exasperatedly to the camera, which is a long distance away, and he's on a backdrop of dirt.
  • Saul suggests sending Hank to Belize. In the movie "Drive" Bryan Cranston's character Shannon is asked where the protagonist is hiding. He suggests Mexico or Belize.
  • According to director Michelle MacLaren in the Breaking Bad Insider Podcast, this episode was planned to have a gunfight other than the white supremacists massacre in Arizona, but did not make it past the end of the writer's room for unspecified reasons. 
  • The shot of Jesse shown spinning on the merry-go-round resembles Walt getting his CAT scan in "Gliding Over All". 



Featured Music

  • "Loving You (aka Being with You)" by The Country Six Stringers (in the restaurant where Hank meets Skyler)
  • "Tomorrow's Gone" by Floyd Cramer (in the restaurant where Hank meets Skyler)
  • "(These Are) The Young Years" by Floyd Cramer (in the restaurant where Hank meets Skyler)
  • "Quimey Neuquén (Chancha Via Circuito Remix)" by José Larralde (when Walter is burying the money)


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