Bill Oakley is a deputy district attorney.


Season 1

Jimmy continuously attempts to plead with Bill to let off his client. Bill responds with the phrase "petty with a prior" each time he asks. They eventually come to an agreement when Jimmy makes a deal to get a continued sentence for his client and in return, if the client stays clean, Bill can file him for dismissal in six months. ("Mijo")

Jimmy comes to Bill once again for a deal for his client. Bill declines all of Jimmy's offers, telling him that his client drove drunk into a shopping center and killed three civilians. Jimmy corrects him and tells him that he is thinking of the wrong client. His client was only charged with armed robbery at a liquor store. The two then make a deal to let the client off in ninety days with good behavior. ("Nacho")

Season 2

Bill meets Jimmy in the men's restroom and tells him that he has heard about Jimmy working at Davis & Main. Brimming with jealousy, he grills Jimmy about all the perks of working at the firm. ("Rebecca")


Better Call Saul

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