The following is a timeline of Better Call Saul that estimates the exact dates when the episodes in each season occurred. The days in which the episodes occurred are completely estimated and include downtime between the episodes as well.

Pre-show Timeline

August 1973 - "Inflatable"

  • Jimmy begins stealing from his dad's store's register.

May 23, 1984

  • Jimmy graduates from University of American Samoa ("Abiquiu")

c.1992 - "Nacho"/"Hero"/"Marco"

  • Jimmy and Marco pull the Rolex scam.
  • Jimmy performs Chicago Sun Roof, gets arrested.
  • Chuck gets Jimmy out of prison. Jimmy moves to ABQ.
  • Chuck and Rebecca invite Jimmy over for dinner following his first week at HHM.

Between 1997-2000 - "Pimento"

  • Jimmy passes the bar.
  • Jimmy quits working for HHM.

1999 - "Klick"

  • Chuck and Jimmy's mother passes away.

January 2001 - "Alpine Shepherd Boy"

  • Chuck takes a sabbatical from HHM.

September 2001 - "Five-O"

March 2002 - "Five-O"

Season 1 Timeline

May 13th 2002 - "Uno"

  • Jimmy loses his court case.
  • Jimmy meets with the Kettlemans to offer his services.
  • Jimmy's windshield is smashed by Cal and Lars Lindholm and Jimmy calls out their scam.
  • After receiving a $20,000 check from HHM, Jimmy proceeds to confront Howard.
  • Jimmy delivers food to Chuck.

May 25th 2002 - "Uno"/"Mijo"

  • Jimmy enlists the help of Cal and Lars plan to get back at the Kettlemens. The plan goes wrong when the skaters hits the wrong car and are ambushed and aggressively interrogated by Tuco.
  • The skaters have one of their legs each broken by Tuco after Jimmy negotiates Tuco down from killing them.
  • Jimmy passes out drunk at Chuck’s house that night.

May 26th 2002 - "Mijo"

  • Jimmy assures Chuck that Slippin Jimmy won't return. Jimmy returns to his PD job. An unspecified amount of time passes as Jimmy works his PD position.
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June 15th 2002 - "Mijo"/"Nacho"

June 16th 2002 - "Nacho"/"Hero"

  • The Kettlemans go missing.
  • Jimmy finds the Kettlemans camping in the desert lands behind their home. They offer Jimmy a bribe to keep their secret to which he accepts.

June 17th 2002 - "Hero"

  • Jimmy gets Nacho out.

June 18th 2002 - "Hero"

  • Jimmy uses his bribe money to create his billboard.

June 19th 2002 - "Hero"

  • Jimmy saves the billboard worker.

June 20th 2002 - "Hero"/"Alpine Shepherd Boy"

  • Jimmy hides newspaper from Chuck. Chuck steals one and is sent to a hospital. Jimmy spends the day visiting clients before finding out about Chuck.

June 21st 2002 - "Alpine Shepherd Boy"

  • Jimmy begins practicing Elder law.

June 22nd 2002 - "Alpine Shepherd Boy"/"Five-O"

  • Mike is brought in by the philadelphia police for questioning.

June 23rd 2002 - "Bingo"

  • Mike and Jimmy return the notebook to the police officers.

June 24th 2002 - "Bingo"

  • Kettlemans leave HHM and blackmail Jimmy to work for them.
  • Jimmy uses Mike to get the Kettleman Money back.

June 25th 2002 - "Bingo"

  • The Kettlemans return to HHM.

June 26th 2002 - "Rico"

  • Jimmy discovers the retirement home fraud case.

June 27th 2002 - "Rico"

  • Chuck pieces together torn up documents.

June 28th 2002 - "Rico"/"Pimento"

  • Jimmy and Chuck meet with retirement home lawyers.
  • Chuck steps outside.
  • Jimmy and Chuck decide to take the case to HHM. Chuck calls Howard that night.

June 29th 2002 - "Pimento"

  • Mike takes up bodyguard position at a drug deal.
  • Chuck returns to HHM for the first time in 18 months.
  • Jimmy discovers Chuck called Howard.

June 30th 2002 - "Pimento"/"Marco"

  • Jimmy cuts ties with Chuck.
  • Jimmy brings case into HHM.

July 1st 2002 - "Marco"

  • Jimmy hosts bingo at retirement home.

July 2nd 2002 - "Marco"

  • Jimmy returns to hometown Cicero, meets Marco and pulls scam.

July 9th 2002 - "Marco"

  • Jimmy and Marco spend a week pulling scams before Jimmy decides to return home.
  • Marco dies that night.

July 10th 2002 - "Marco"

  • Marco’s Funeral.
  • HHM partners with Davis & Main to take on the case.

July 18th 2002 - "Marco"/"Switch"

  • Jimmy decides to turn down the firms offer.

Season 2 Timeline


Season 3 Timeline

March 4th, 2003 - "Slip"

  • Kim has lunch with Mesa Verde people, writes check (with date) to HHM and gives it to Howard.

Post-Breaking Bad Timeline

Only shown during the opening scene of each season premier episode. These brief scenes show what happened to Jimmy following the events of Breaking Bad after he disappears under Ed's Witness Protection program.

?/?/201? - "Uno"

  • Gene (Jimmy's WP pseudonym) is working as a Cinnabon manager in Omaha.
  • After returning home, Gene watches late-night TV before opening a box with a VCR and proceeding to watch old 'Saul Goodman' ads.

?/?/201? - "Switch"

  • Gene is locking up the Cinnabon and seeing off his workers for the night.
  • As Gene is throwing out the day's rubbish, the one-way door shuts on him.
  • Gene is freed by the janitor who finds him at 11pm. A close-up of the wall reveals he etched the words 'SG was here' into the wall behind him.

?/?/201? - "Mabel"

  • Gene starts a normal day working at Cinnabon.
  • While Gene is on lunch break, he spots a kid running off with DVDs under his jacket who hides inside a photo booth. Mall cops approach Gene asking if he saw the kid, to which he points out the photo booth and the cop apprehend him. As the kid is essorted away, Gene stands up and yells at the kid to call a lawyer.
  • When Gene returns to Cinnabon, he collapses from the stress of the prior situation.


  • Jimmy's (Gene's) position at the Cinnabon was alluded to in Breaking Bad episode 'Granite State'.

Time References

  • Chuck is seen with a Vaio laptop in the flashback to Jimmy passing the bar, setting the earliest for this flashback to 1997 when the line was first released.
  • The initial date 5/13/02 is seen on Jimmy’s paycheck in Uno.
  • The date of 5/25/02 is determined by a receipt attached to Lars' medical forms as found by Chuck.
  • The newspaper Chuck steals show the date 6/20/02.
  • Marco tells Jimmy it's been 10 years since he’s seen him setting the year for the slippin jimmy flashbacks to around 1992.