In the episode "Buried," Saul Goodman suggests euphemistically that Walter White send his brother-in-law on a trip to Belize saying, "You know, where Mike went," referring to Mike Ehrmantraut and his death.


Saul: "Of course, there's always, um…"
Walter: "Always what?"
Saul:" Well, have you given any thought to, um, sending him to a trip to Belize?"
Walter: "Belize?"
Saul: "Yeah, Belize. You know, where, um, where Mike went to. Off on a trip to, um, Belize."
Walter: "Saul, you better not be saying what I think you're saying."
Saul: "It's just conjecture on my part."
Walter: "Hank is family."
Saul: "Okay, it's an option that my–"
Walter: "You understand that?"
Saul: "It's an option that has worked very well for you in the recent past."
Walter: "Jesus, what is wrong with you?"
Saul: "My mistake. Family. Off limit. Of course. I'm just throwing thoughts out there. This is a safe room, right?"
Walter: "Jesus, send him to Belize. I'll send you to Belize."
―Walt furious after Saul had speculated to send Hank to Belize, meaning to kill him.[src]

Belize Tourism Board

Belize breakingbad

Soon after "Buried" aired, the Belieze tourism board published an advertisement inviting the cast of Breaking Bad for an all-expenses-paid trip to Belize.

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