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Bauer is a military captain.


Season 2

After Jimmy McGill and his film crew arrive at a U.S. Air Force base, Bauer takes them to FIFI, a B-29 bomber from World War II. Bauer begins to ask Fudge about his experience in the war, when he starts coughing. Bauer runs to the base to get water. Jimmy and his crew begin filming the commercial while Bauer is away. When he returns, he has a group of soldiers with him, who wish to take a picture with Fudge. ("Fifi")

Season 3

Bauer angrily confronts Jimmy at his law office, having realized that Fudge was never in the military and that Jimmy had gained access to the base under false pretenses to shoot the commercial. He demands that Jimmy take the commercial off the air or face criminal charges. Jimmy momentarily cracks, but then defiantly refuses to meet Bauer's demands. As a result, Bauer storms out of the office and gives Jimmy a loud parting shot in front of his other clients. ("Mabel")


Better Call Saul

Season 2

Season 3

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