Arturo is an underling of Hector Salamanca.


Season 2

Arturo waits for Mike Ehrmantraut on his front doorstep. When Mike arrives, Arturo tells Mike that Hector wants an answer regarding the situation with Tuco. Mike respectfully declines, and continues into his house.

Later, when Mike leaves his house, Arturo and another henchman wait for Mike inside his home. Mike arrives home and lifts up the welcome mat he placed outside earlier, and finds footprint impressions on the carbon paper. And he sees that the lock was picked. Mike takes out his gun and cautiously enters the house, going from room to room looking for them. Unable to find them, he decides to lure them to him. Not taking his hand off his gun, he grabs the TV remote and turns on the TV, which immediately begins playing a loud Billy Mays infomercial. A moment later, a door in front of Mike opens and Arturo and the other man emerge from it with guns drawn. Mike immediately takes them by surprise and knocks one of them down by striking him with the door, while pistol whipping Arturo. At gunpoint, Arturo explains that Hector wants Mike to take the $5,000. Mike sends the two henchmen on their way with a new message for Hector: "Try harder next time."

Later, Arturo watches as Mike converses with Hector about lying to the district attorney by claiming that the gun was his own, not Tuco's. Mike agrees, but still wants a payment. Hector's $5000 offer is off the table, and he offers to let Mike live if he agrees to the terms. Mike refuses, so Hector threatens to send Leonel and Marco to kill Stacey and Kaylee. Mike still doesn't budge, and demands $50,000, figuring that he needs the money more than Hector ever will. When Hector refuses, Mike produces his pistol, telling Hector, "either I get my money, or neither of us walk out of here." Impressed with Mike's "big balls," Hector agrees to pay Mike the $50,000. ("Bali Ha'i")

Arturo is seen unloading something from the trunk of a car, and later assists with cutting the money out of the tires of Ximenez Lecerda's truck. ("Fifi")

Arturo is seen inside the ice cream parlor where Hector and his crew have meetings. Hector angrily throws a clipboard at Nacho and scolds both Arturo and Nacho, due to one of his trucks being hit. ("Nailed")

Arturo oversees the killing of Ximenez Lecerda at the hands of Marco and Leonel Salamanca. ("Klick")

Season 3

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