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This article is about the unnamed dealer who sells bullet-proof vests to the Cousins. For the dealer who sells weapons to Walter White, see Lawson.

The Arms Dealer is a trucker and arms dealer.


Season 3

The Arms Dealer met with the Cousins in the desert. He gave them a free hollow point bullet — nicknamed "Black Death" — and showed off his bulletproof vest, which the Cousins tested by shooting him point blank. When they see that the vest worked, they purchased two ("One Minute"). He has a hefty supply and wares of weapons and numerous other types of equipment. These include:


Breaking Bad

Season 3


  • The Arms Dealer drives a Kenworth K-100 Aerodyne truck.
  • The description of the "Black Death" bullets sold by the Arms Dealer is very similar to the real "Black Talon" bullets sold by Winchester.
  • The bullet that the arms dealer gave to Marco Salamanca was used by Hank to kill him after he inadvertently dropped it.

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