The 1988 Chrysler New Yorker, Fifth Avenue Edition was the primary vehicle used by Mike Ehrmantraut.


Mike purchased the car at some point between his arrival in Albuquerque and the start of Better Call Saul.

Better Call Saul

Season 2

Mike drives to an upholstery shop to question Nacho Varga on the pretense of having the Chrysler's interior reupholstered.("Cobbler") Later, as part of his gambit to land Tuco Salamanca in prison, Mike deliberately swipes the Chrysler against Tuco's muscle car.("Gloves Off")

Season 3

After discovering a tracking device in the fuel cap of his spare station wagon, Mike returns home and finds a similar tracker in the fuel cap of the Chrysler. He examines the tracker and has a duplicate sent to him, which he uses to replace the original tracker and follow the people who planted it.("Mabel")

Breaking Bad

Season 2

Mike and the Chrysler make their first original appearance when Mike drives to Jesse Pinkman's duplex to clean up the scene after Jane Margolis' fatal overdose.("ABQ")

Season 3

Mike stuffs an erratic Walter White into the Chrysler's backseat after his confrontation with Ted Beneke, and delivers him to Saul Goodman. Later, while getting into his car, Mike notices that Marco and Leonel Salamanca have drawn a scythe on the street outside Walt's house.("Green Light")

Season 4

Assisted with Jesse, Mike drives across New Mexico to dig up and collect bags of drug money at several remote locations. At the final pickup, located at an abandoned warehouse, Jesse uses the Chrysler to ram a gunman and another vehicle in what seems to be an attempted robbery. It is revealed that the incident was staged by Gus Fring as a test for Jesse. Gus promises Mike that he will pay for the repair of the Chrysler.("Shotgun")

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