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What will happen next? Walter White "dies".

Walt stages his own death.

Jesse gets away in the car but Gomez and Hank are killed. The Nazis dress one of their own dead in Walt's clothes, put Walt's wallet on him, and put him in the back of the police truck and set it on fire. They stage Walt's death, and Walt goes into hiding with the Nazis, taking his barrels of money along.

In the finale, Walt comes out of hiding to exact revenge on Jesse.

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When Walter "dies", the video confession (condemnation of Hank) is automatically released to DEA headquarters. Hank's good name and reputation are shattered. Marie is the ONLY person left who wants to get the truth out. This situation pushes her over the edge. As a result, Marie kills Skylar (or the kids, or everyone).

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I think it's simpler: Hank dies. Marie release tape to DEA to revenge to Walt, who she believes is responsable. No matter of Hank reputation. It will be blindness of her revenge.

I don't think Marie is capable to kill her own sister or kids, I think she will live or commit suicide.


While its possible Walt's death is faked; (would explain the neighbour's reaction); I think the Nazis kill Hank and possibly Jesse; and now Walt is coming after them.

While it's just rumors, Cranston said the M60 was to protect someone. Bear in mind he said that at last year's SDCC and the eps weren't written yet, I don't think. A crew member said it had something to do with Jesse.



-Hank and Gomie die.

-Walt 'saves' Jesse by telling the Nazis his cook is great and gives them Jesse to be their slave-cook. He looks at it as 'win-win' because Jesse is alive, the Nazis are off his back, Lydia has her purity and Walt stays 'retired'

-Marie figures out Hank is dead and releases Jesse's confession to the media. Saul is probably arrested at this time. I am SURE he flips on Walter.

-The Czech Republic buyers are revealed

-Somewhere around here, things with the Nazis get worse and they come at Walt to try and get him back, or intimidate him, or something. Not sure exactly what, but in the chaos, Walt's family is killed by Uncle Jack's crew.

-With the Nazis and the DEA after him, Jesse a Nazi slave-cook and his family dead, as well as his secret outed to all of NM (and maybe all of America), Walt uses the Disappearer and flees to NH. 

-Something (not sure what) forces him to come back to save Jesse.

-Birthday meals are free at Denny's

-Hello Carol

-Walt storms the Nazi compound, wiping out Jack Todd Lydia and Kenny and their men

-Jesse kills Walt or Walt drops dead of cancer

-Exit Jesse



Walt VS. Jesse --   Unfortunately, for your prediction, AMC has already released a photo from next week's episode that shows Walt at night, in town, standing on a street talking on his phone dressed in the exact same clothes as he is in during the shoot out.... albeit they are very dirty, like he crawled across the desert on his stomach.

Ok, Jthampt... Forget the minor detail of switching clothes... Do you think Walt will fake his own death?

Steven Michael Quezada on Talking Bad (8:30) gives us a clue... Don Cheadle asks "Why is the house in such disrepair in the flash forward?"

and Quezada talks about Walt's neighbor. He says, "Yea, because her reaction... It's like she's seen a GHOST!"


yea i think walt getting a new identity could mean people think he's dead.  perhaps that picture of walt on the phone is where he is calling saul/vacuum guy.  or maybe returning skylar's call.  you think he would fake his death without telling anybody like saul or skylar?